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E-Invoicing Solution

Comprehensive Billing Solution

Within Health Cluster, you’ll find an efficient and user-friendly billing system that streamlines the billing process, enabling time savings, error reduction, and the centralization of all your documents.

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    Medical Billing Software within Health Cluster

    Health Cluster offers a robust and flexible medical billing solution tailored to your practice. With Health Cluster, you can efficiently manage the billing process for services, items, procedures, courses, and more. Whether you need to bill patients, third-party payers, or companies, Health Cluster provides the tools to handle it seamlessly. You can consolidate multiple consultations onto a single invoice and include additional items as needed. Additionally, Health Cluster facilitates the generation of comprehensive year-end receipts for your patients. It also allows you to effortlessly manage discounts and promotions.

    online invoicing


    Within Health Cluster, you have the capability for E-invoice (الفاتورة الإلكترونية) or treatment receipt generation immediately following a consultation. Our integrated billing system streamlines the process by extracting appointment information, eliminating the need for redundant data entry. Subsequently, you can effortlessly send the generated documents via E-invoice (الفاتورة الإلكترونية) or print them with just two clicks. All records are then systematically organized and archived within the patient’s electronic record and the accounting interface.

    Accounting Features in Health Cluster

    Within Health Cluster, the accounting interface offers a comprehensive solution to centralize all your
    E-invoices and earnings. You can efficiently filter and arrange these records and then directly export or print them from the software. Health Cluster’s accounting interface automatically compiles information such as invoices, appointments, and revenue to generate detailed reports and a suite of statistics essential for effective clinic management.

    Inventory Management within Health Cluster

    Health Cluster provides an efficient inventory management solution. Whether you are dealing with items, procedures, or courses, you can oversee everything directly from the item management interface. Easily define the available quantity of an item in stock, and Health Cluster will automatically decrement the quantity with each billing, even offering notifications when an item is running low or out of stock.

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