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Nabidh compliant

Embark on Your Health Cluster Journey: Seamlessly Connected to NABIDH

Kickstart your healthcare experience with Health Cluster’s NABIDH-integrated platform, offering swift onboarding and connectivity to NABIDH DHA. Trusted by over 600 global healthcare brands, we provide comprehensive end-to-end insurance management, the option for Microsoft Azure cloud hosting, specialty EMR solutions, and seamless integration from start to finish.

With our dedicated ground support and sales teams, you can expect improved productivity and enhanced financial outcomes, ensuring you have the support and resources you need to thrive.

Unlocking the Power of Health Cluster EMR for Seamless Integration with NABIDH Compliance

NABIDH, a health information exchange platform established by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), plays a pivotal role in connecting both public and private healthcare facilities across Dubai, facilitating the secure exchange of electronic Medical records (EMR) and essential health information.

By harnessing the Health Cluster EMR system, we are committed to elevating the quality of healthcare services accessible to Dubai’s citizens and residents. Our mission with Health Cluster EMR is to guarantee the effortless and secure sharing of patient health data and electronic medical records (EMR) across various healthcare sectors.

Elevate Your Health Cluster Experience with Seamless NABIDH Integration
  • Effortless NABIDH Integration: Upgrade your Health Cluster EMR system to seamlessly integrate with NABIDH, streamlining your healthcare processes.
  • Secure SSO-Based User Login: Benefit from secure Single Sign-On (SSO) access to the NABIDH portal, ensuring user convenience and data security.
  • Multi-Location HIE Connectivity: Health Cluster provides robust support for multi-location Health Information Exchange (HIE) connectivity, bridging healthcare facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to NABIDH/MALAFFI.
  • Enhanced Message Sharing: Experience improved message sharing capabilities in HL7 format over API/HTTPS, making data exchange more efficient and standardized.
  • NABIDH Standards Compliance: Configure codesets and message constructs to align with NABIDH standards, ensuring your data meets regulatory requirements.
  • Patient Consent Management: Easily capture and manage patient consent for data sharing at both facility and global levels with NABIDH.
  • Customized Data Filters: Take control of your data sharing by filtering messages based on patient consent, status, encounter, department, or physician.
  • Comprehensive Information Exchange: Share vital vaccination details as HL7-VXU messages, clinical documents in PDF format through HL7-MDM messages, and a standardized set of patient allergy details, ensuring comprehensive patient care within the Health Cluster ecosystem.
HL7 software
Assisting healthcare providers in achieving NABIDH compliance through the utilization of the Health Cluster EMR System!

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