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Healthcluster in Saudi Arabia

The Innovative & Multi-Functional  Medical Cloud Saudi Arabia

Health Cluster Saudia Arabia is a complete, end-to-end, and innovative medical cloud in Saudi Arabia that includes electronic medical record (NPHIES EMR), hospital information systems, dental health software, LIS for hospitals, mobile app (patient + doctor), RPM(remote patient monitoring), doctor mobile app, e-invoicing and more. With 7 years of diligent services, Health Cluster untiringly supports medical healthcare providers in Saudi Arabia. All the tools and applications are developed with top-level technologies, are highly secure, NPHIES-compliant, and ready to be deployed. Simplify and innovate your medical operations with Health Cluster.

Reduce Operational Costs by Upto 40% with Health Cluster Innovative Hospital Information System

Health Cluster converts scattered files into streamlined records, and humongous and clunky information into streamlined data to support healthcare providers in Saudi Arabia. Store, manage, and access patients’ data digitally with ease. The best part about the Health Cluster software solutions is they offer HL7 integration, which allows data integration from multiple sources like labs, pharmacies, finance, and ERs, optimizing the Saudi Medical cloud care domain. 

Let’s make healthcare delivery more efficient, secure, and patient-centric. Health Clusters’ end-to-end solutions are designed to address the challenges healthcare providers face in Saudi Arabia. We ensure that you can focus on what matters most, i.e. delivering exceptional patient care.

Reach Out To Make Your Hospital Operations Digital And Simplified

Contact us now and discover how our innovative digital solutions can help you optimize the management, operations, finances, hospital and patient data, of your hospitals and clinics. Let’s digitalize, secure, and streamline your healthcare operations with Health Cluster!

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