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TeleHealth Services for our client mental health and well-being

Health Cluster telehealth enables you to provide medical and health care services remotely with the help of video calls, phone calls, and secured messaging. You can evaluate, diagnose, treat, and monitor patients without in-person visits. With Telehealth, you can cover various medical services, including consultations, follow-up appointments, medication management, mental health and well-being support. The platform ensures the impactful management of your patient health record and electronic patient record, providing a centralized and secure repository for critical health information.

Healthcare management Software system
patient registration & data entry

Patients are registered in the EMR system, and their basic information is entered. The medical records, allergies, and previous medications are also recorded. Incorporating the patient health record and electronic patient record within the EMR ensures a centralized repository of critical health information.


Healthcare management Software system
patient portals

Health Cluster allows patient portals that allow patients to access their own medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with providers.
Patients can view test results, request prescription refills, and participate in their healthcare management.

Healthcare management Software system

Different healthcare professionals involved in a patient’s care can access and update the EMR to ensure coordinated treatment plans.
Specialists, nurses, and therapists can contribute to the patient’s record.


Healthcare management Software system
order entry

Physicians can electronically order laboratory tests, imaging studies, medications, and other treatments directly through the EMR system.

Healthcare management Software system
Data security and privacy

EMR systems ensure patient data security through authentication, encryption, and access controls.
Compliance with healthcare regulations like Malaffi and Nabidh.

Healthcare management Software system
Analytical Reporting

Health Cluster reports offer concise patient medical histories and treatment particulars, contributing to informed healthcare decisions and collaborative care coordination.


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