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Health Cluster Attending The DeepFest at LEAP 2024, Riyadh

Health Cluster Attending The DeepFest at LEAP 2024, Riyadh (1)

A Recap of the Event Attended by CEO Fahad Mohyuddin

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

This month bestows a treasured and revolutionary event in artificial intelligence. DeepFest, the highly anticipated inaugural AI event, takes all the industry spotlights alongside LEAP, the visionary tech gathering in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Spearheaded by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), DeepFest promises to be the ultimate destination for global AI leaders and enthusiasts. 

From March 4th to March 7th, 2024, the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Centre in Malham hosted DeepFest, an integral part of the LEAP event. Over 20,000 attendees, including renowned entrepreneurs and businessmen, AI industry tycoons, and many other industry members attended the event, which was powered by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA). The event brought together global AI experts, innovators, and industry leaders for four days of immersive experiences and knowledge sharing.

As the tech world joined forces to explore AI’s limitless possibilities, DeepFest manifested as the go-to platform for industry leaders, innovators, and disruptors to unite, collaborate, and catalyze the future of AI technology. Against the backdrop of LEAP’s second edition, DeepFest presented a regenerative experience along with ingenious insights, futuristic discoveries, and revolutionary breakthroughs. Join us in exploring more about this highly innovative event, a treasure for AI leaders.

Key Highlights From The Biggest Tech Event 

Premier Gathering of AI Ecosystem

DeepFest offered an exclusive meeting place for the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem. Co-located with LEAP, the world’s most-attended tech event, DeepFest attracted a diverse audience, including thought leaders, data scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Showcasing Leading AI Experts and Companies

The event featured more than 150 leading AI experts and 120-plus global AI companies. Attendees explored next-gen technologies, innovative solutions, and transforming trends that revamp the future of AI.

Themed Programme on Generative AI

DeepFest’s conference attendees started an exciting journey through the past, present, and future of Generative AI (GAI). The themed program covered topics such as AI’s evolution and development, creating value through data and AI, and its robust impact on society and the future of work.

Insightful Sessions and Presentations

Esteemed speakers, including Dr. Ramses Alcaide, President and CEO of Neurable, Alvin Wang Graylin, China President and Global VP of Corporate Development at HTC, and Gary Sorrentino, Global CIO at Zoom, delivered presentations, demos, and fireside chats on key advancements and breakthroughs in AI.

Exploration of Generative AI Challenges

DeepFest delved into the challenges and ethical considerations of generative AI. Including bias, privacy, defense, and the future of social AI systems. Speakers such as Sanjeevan Bala, Group Chief Data and AI Officer at ITV, and Scott Penberthy, Managing Director of Applied AI at Google, provided valuable insights and perspectives.

Focus on Societal Impact and Responsibility 

The event also addressed AI’s societal implications and emphasized the importance of responsible AI development. Speakers like Thomas Oxley, CEO of Synchron, and Elizabeth Adams, Affiliate Fellow. At Stanford Institute for Human-Centred AI, highlighted the need for embedding ethics and human-centricity in AI systems. You can see the complete list of speakers here

Health Cluster Strives to Empower Healthcare Industry with Ingenious AI Tools and Applications 

The Health Cluster revamps traditional healthcare practices by leveraging ingenious AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities. Participating in tech events like LEAP and Deep Fest empowers us. To stay updated and help healthcare professionals with invaluable insights and tools. To strengthen patient care, optimize medical processes, and drive efficiencies across the board. We never hesitate to take innovative initiatives that harness. AI technology to tackle complex medical challenges, reinforce diagnosis accuracy, and personalize treatment plans. 

Wrapping Up

DeepFest at LEAP 2024 provided a robust platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation in Artificial Intelligence. With a diverse range of sessions, presentations, and discussions. The event offered valuable insights and opportunities for attendees to outshine. And stay in the lead in the constantly developing AI industry. 

CEO Fahad Mohyudding’s participation in the event was highlighted. Our organization’s commitment to staying updated on technological advancements and leveraging AI to drive positive change and innovation. Health Cluster always strives to modernize,  revolutionize, and support the healthcare industry through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

Let’s reimagine the healthcare industry with powerful AI applications, and digital health tools and build a more efficient, accessible, and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem.

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