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Certified NPHIES Compliant Solution

Health Cluster EMR

Your Certified NPHIES-Compliant Solution for Insurance Services

Health Cluster EMR proudly holds certification as a NPHIES-compliant platform for insurance services, ensuring you have a reliable and trustworthy solution for your healthcare needs.

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    NPHIES EMR Saudi arabia

    The National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services, NPHIES EMR Saudi Arabia stands as a pivotal electronic services platform, jointly initiated by the Cooperative Health Insurance Council (CCHI) and the National Center for Health Information (NHIC) under the leadership of the Sehati Company.


    Health Cluster is here to empower you!

    Our platform is designed to help you efficiently grow and manage your primary care practice, ensuring satisfaction and value that optimize the allocation of healthcare resources. With complete NPHIES EMR UAE integration, we guarantee security and efficiency.

    With the Health Cluster emr System, healthcare providers can adopt NPHIES Insurance Services in a phased manner, enhancing their capabilities in a strategic approach. The range of transactions supported by NPHIES includes:

    • Facilitating Insurance Transactions: This transaction enables providers to request patient insurance and related details, with insurance companies responding with details or errors.
    • Streamlining Pre-Authorization: Providers can use this transaction to seek prior authorization for products or services.
    • Efficient Claim Management: Providers can initiate a claim request for the adjudication of products or services provided to beneficiaries.
    • Enhancing Communication: Seamless Claim Communication: Insurance companies can request additional supporting documents or information in response to a claim request.
    • Optimizing Payment Process: This transaction provides detailed information about payment allocations for settled claims.
    • Transparent Payment Notifications: Providers receive notifications about the current status of claim-related payments, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the reimbursement process.

    Let us assist you in keeping physicians focused on patient care while reducing your total cost of ownership. Our products are highly adaptable to meet the unique needs of your business.

    Moreover, we offer a comprehensive cloud-based EMR, enabling you to manage patient records seamlessly from any device, for any specialty, at any time.

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