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our advanced HR/Payroll Management System

Presenting iHRM, our advanced HR/Payroll Management System engineered to simplify and enhance human resources and payroll operations. With comprehensive features, iHRM offers seamless management of HR tasks, automated payroll processing, and optimized workforce oversight. This all-in-one solution streamlines processes, eliminates manual complexities, and improves overall operational efficiency. iHRM empowers businesses to focus on strategic HR initiatives while ensuring accurate and timely payroll management, ultimately driving productivity and employee satisfaction.


Employee information

iHRM consolidates employee information in a central hub, simplifying the management and updates of personal details, employment history, and performance records. This centralization enhances accuracy and efficiency in HR operations, allowing for seamless data handling.

Attendance tracking

Efficiently oversee employee attendance, handle leave requests, and accurately document overtime hours. This comprehensive capability provides valuable insights into workforce productivity and attendance trends, facilitating data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency.

Payroll automation

iHRM revolutionizes payroll processing through automation, handling tax calculations, deductions, and benefits seamlessly. This ensures precise and timely salary disbursements, elevating payroll accuracy and efficiency while reducing administrative burdens.

Employee self-service portal

Empower employees through a self-service portal, granting them the ability to oversee and update personal information, access pay slips, and submit leave requests. This feature enhances autonomy and convenience while streamlining HR processes.

User access control

Integrate role-based access control to allocate distinct access levels and permissions to users based on their respective roles and responsibilities, ensuring secure and tailored system interactions.


Integration with accounting software

Effortlessly merge iHRM with accounting software, facilitating the harmonious synchronization of payroll data and financial records. This integration streamlines processes, ensuring accurate financial reporting and reducing manual data entry efforts. The cohesive connection between iHRM and accounting software optimizes efficiency across payroll and finance operations.

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