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a state-of-the-art Inventory Management System

Introducing iInvent, a state-of-the-art Inventory Management System engineered to streamline and optimize inventory control. With comprehensive features, it empowers businesses to efficiently manage stock, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. iInvent simplifies the complexities of inventory management, ensuring smoother operations and improved bottom-line results.


Inventory tracking

iInvent introduces a game-changing dimension to inventory management by providing unparalleled real-time visibility. Seamlessly empowering businesses, it facilitates constant monitoring of stock levels, meticulous tracking of item movements, and swift identification of stock outs or overstock situations. This comprehensive oversight transforms inventory control into a proactive endeavor, allowing for agile adjustments to optimize operational efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

Centralized inventory database

Centralize all inventory data in one database for effortless access, updates, and management throughout your organization. This approach streamlines data handling and ensures consistent, accurate information across departments..




Automated reordering

Implement automated stock reordering triggers using predefined thresholds, guaranteeing optimal inventory levels and minimizing the likelihood of stockouts. This feature enhances operational efficiency by ensuring timely replenishment, thereby preventing disruptions to your supply chain.




Barcode and RFID integration

Leverage iInvent’s compatibility with barcode and RFID technologies to achieve expedited and precise inventory counting and tracking. This integration enhances efficiency by reducing manual efforts and potential errors. Embrace modern solutions for streamlined inventory management.




Vendor management

Efficiently handle vendor details, monitor supplier performance, and optimize procurement procedures to ensure the smooth flow of supply chains. This approach fosters streamlined operations and effective vendor management.

Inventory costing and valuation

Enhance financial decision-making by computing inventory costs and valuations using diverse methods such as FIFO, LIFO, and Average Cost. This capability provides valuable insights into cost structures and aids in strategic planning.

Integration with POS

Effortlessly merge iInvent with your Point of Sale (POS) system for streamlined synchronization of sales data and accurate inventory maintenance. This integration optimizes inventory control and ensures up-to-date stock levels for improved operational efficiency.

Mobile accessibility

Access iInvent conveniently through our mobile app, providing you the flexibility to manage inventory from anywhere and at any time. This mobility empowers seamless inventory oversight, allowing for swift adjustments and updates on the go.

Stock movement history

Maintain an exhaustive record of stock movements, encompassing transfers, sales, returns, and adjustments, to create comprehensive audit trails. This feature ensures transparency and accountability in inventory operations, offering a detailed historical perspective for thorough analysis and compliance tracking.

Reports and analytics

Create tailor-made reports and data analytics to acquire in-depth insights into inventory performance, demand behaviors, and cost trends. This functionality empowers informed decision-making and strategic planning, enabling businesses to optimize inventory strategies and operational efficiency.

Multi-location support

Effectively oversee inventory across multiple warehouses or locations, guaranteeing meticulous tracking and streamlined item distribution. This robust feature optimizes resource allocation, minimizes complexities in logistical operations, and enhances overall inventory management efficiency.


User access control

Incorporate role-based access control, enabling you to allocate distinct access levels and permissions to users according to their roles and responsibilities. This ensures a structured and secure approach to user interactions within the system, enhancing data integrity and safeguarding sensitive information.

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